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At age 17 I can't say exactly where I got the idea about going to New York and being a bike-riding writer, but it had to have been TV. The Ninja Turtles maybe? I grew up all through the 90's, so tv and movies was our outside world in a small town. Part of this New York...


"Being born and raised in Trenton, MO there was always a need for an outlet. First, it was drawing and building, then music, then photography, and along came poetry, all by 16 years old. It all works together, these creative elements merging at the focal point of what...


I never had a real concept of money until around the age 7. Recalling the years up until then, I think about the free gifts we got from early 90's welfare and a Mr. Bubbles I got one year from a charity donor with no batteries, so I never saw the dog walk. That dog wit...


I think we all just need a little TLC.. In the words of Jerry Springer, "Take care of yourselves, and each other."

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The hardest part about committing to blogging is getting started.. It seemed like the first post would be the hardest. What will be my first words? "This is an introduction to my mind," you're telling yourself before you type. 

You finally get one off... Once I was ty...


It's a goal of mine to accumulate night shots of the different cities I travel to. I've practiced plenty on Kansas City, this shot here being one wanted to get for a long time.. I finally made the time one night and got the shot. Good enough for me.. Follow me around a...


I had to finally break down and taste the blog life.. I'm an artist of a few different flavors. I've been writing since I was young; stories first, poetry next. I liked colors, and construction, cooking and reading. I use to have great handwriting. Now I prefer a keybo...

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The stars will give you peace you can never find in the streets

November 20, 2019

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