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I guess that's me in 29 years... I plan on making it there and then some. It's like I'm looking at my future self, grinning back on my journey - the mental and spiritual strength it's taken to see it through. I think a lot of the hardest parts are over and I'm really c...


Part I: My former [15 yr old] step daughter - my son's big sister - attended her biological father's funeral today [5.19]. Like me, she had never met her dad, although she had secretly learned a bit about him by tapping into her mom's FB account where he had sent her m...


Officially announcing.. the #pinkflamingotour. The following excerpt is a duplicate of my first ever GoFundMe campaign. I've never asked for much.. However, I've been urged to do one for years.. I never felt comfortable with it, but this seems worthy.



We've all seen one of those relationships. Your best friend or co-worker is in one of those toxic love/hate dynamics with someone that's terrible for them. It's like the man that beats his woman and she keeps coming back. Dave Chappelle talked about it in his last Netf...

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The stars will give you peace you can never find in the streets

November 20, 2019

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