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To letting go of your fears, just being glad to be here.

I'm recently talking to a new friend of some friends, a Kenyan farmer who attended college in a rural part of my home state in America, on this other side of the world where most things move differently. Some of her friends here and there thinking she is crazy to go back home after schooling to toil on the soil, however, she likes farming so she seems satisfied with her business plan... She wasn't seduced by the selection of rural fast food restaurants and the retail buffet we call Wal Mart, or even the nearby shopping malls and concrete cities. I say, "good on her.." While she continues on un-bothered by the commentary of un-supportive friends, she tells me how Americans take things so seri

I'd rather dig for that wealth numbers can't count.

Back in 2002 I was a high school junior. I decided to run for student council vice president against the superintendent's country club daughter, me just a neighborhood kid with a $200 Cavalier, pack of cigarettes, an obnoxious sense of humor, crooked tooth, a marginalized voice, and a truancy habit. I just did it to prove to my haters that I could. We weren't allowed to throw candy at the speech rally so my buddies and I wrote a campaign slogan on a bunch of bananas and handed them out to every.single.person that walked into the gym, staff included. I casually ate 5 bananas throughout the speeches, plus one during my speech recital. I even staged black suited security and the removal of an a

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