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We'll start summer with a creative update.. a little of this, n some of that.

So I'm thinking of creating a gallery called #soMFNkc ... a photo collection of iconic strip photos like this'n here.. Anyways.. anytime I snap an image, write a verse, glue more pieces on a collage, or complete another blog entry it feeds my spirit a lot. And I often wonder if I had been dealt a healthier set of cards as a kid, as a divorcee, and now as a 30 sum'n yr old - would I have ever found art the same, or if art was bound to find me? I really feel like if I didn't have my creative mind I wouldn't have much at all. It's my favorite void filler... it gets me higher than trees, stays with me longer than a woman, and always reminds me that I got something worth giving. I've never been n

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