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When you see yourself looking at the boy in the mirror, but with gray hair and a tank top.

I guess that's me in 29 years... I plan on making it there and then some. It's like I'm looking at my future self, grinning back on my journey - the mental and spiritual strength it's taken to see it through. I think a lot of the hardest parts are over and I'm really caught up in the sauce of this brighter future idea. I'm really grateful for knowing his name and now finally seeing his face - my dad, Kenny. I've been pondering my life and death since I was 8 and blood tests on my government name came back negative. I've carried that sadness in my privileged blue eyes for years, like a napsack full of lead. I remember the day they took the blood sample. I wrote in another blog piece, my memor

Somewhere between long Facebook statuses and blog entries.. best taken while sitting.

Part I: My former [15 yr old] step daughter - my son's big sister - attended her biological father's funeral today [5.19]. Like me, she had never met her dad, although she had secretly learned a bit about him by tapping into her mom's FB account where he had sent her messages. She had asked her mom about him a month before the double murder-suicide he committed just over a week ago. Son's mom is telling me how an original picture I must have taken when she was 3 or 4 was on display, sitting alone in a 5x7 frame. As a matter of fact she was my first ever baby model when I was the 17 year old babysitting boyfriend who they soon started calling "daddy Matt," a title I would keep for 4 years. Re

I knew those plastic pink flamingos were staring at me for a reason back in the day.. I'm going

Officially announcing.. the #pinkflamingotour. The following excerpt is a duplicate of my first ever GoFundMe campaign. I've never asked for much.. However, I've been urged to do one for years.. I never felt comfortable with it, but this seems worthy. "On 18 September of this year I will be boarding a flight in Midwest America heading to Kenya, located on the east coast of Africa. On my way I'll layover in Seattle, as well as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. I will depart Nairobi on 23 October and return to Kansas City, Missouri the following day, just in time for my 14 year Navy boot camp anniversary. These dates are confirmed and paid for b

America seems to be that girlfriend you can't stand but will never leave.

We've all seen one of those relationships. Your best friend or co-worker is in one of those toxic love/hate dynamics with someone that's terrible for them. It's like the man that beats his woman and she keeps coming back. Dave Chappelle talked about it in his last Netflix special. He detailed a story by Iceberg Slim that depicts a woman turned out so bad, that she could only be grateful to Slim when he "saved" her in a bad situation. That sounds like.... an economic, judicial, educational, nutritional, historical system that short-changes you continuously throughout your journey, threatening your well-being from time to time, while you remain grateful for a million second chances. Growing up

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