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To get inspired, or to be inspired? That's the question, and the difference.

Inspiration has never been hard to come by for me, really. It sounds stupid, but of my earliest memories, one of the most memorable for me was this time I was on my mom's lap, maybe 2 or 3 years old back in our Lord Street era. I had mumbled some gibberish words and wondered if I had said something in a foreign language, Chinese on my brain I believe. How foolish, yea, that a child mumbles something and thinks it could really be valid. Or, would it be foolish to be a child that couldn't imagine the possibility of speaking Chinese? This was in the late 80's. Culture and an "outside world" was through movies and cable television. I loved all things karate, but particularly the Ninja Turtles (s

You'll have to excuse my absence, but I found my missing dad - his last name, too.

All the way back to my single digit years I can recall when I told my mom something I needed how she would make a note that would sit there at the kitchen bar where we spent so much time throughout the 90's. I picked up a lot of her ways over those years, whether she realizes or not, and one of those ways is my reliance on notes to get by. My life would be in complete disarray without a notepad, a note book, and sticky notes all about. Of course I write notes on my left hand and arm as well, because I'm right-handed. It sounds like a recipe for a mess, but it's actually my method for mental organization, and it works. I suppose my notes are serving their purpose to a great extent in 2018. My

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