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I'm old enough now that I'm referencing a lot of my memories by the decade.

I suppose it’s not until you experience enough time slip through your hands that you finally understand the value of time itself. It's less about understanding it even, but embracing the idea based on your lived experiences. You come to see how all of these moments we're having are fleeting. You might be halfway across another bridge of life when you decide to stop and enjoy the view. Shit, you might even take your lunch break there, if you've packed accordingly. The bridge may be swaying as you take your seat and unwrap your backpack feast, but you've become no stranger to balance. You've slipped a lot, but you haven't fallen yet. Maybe it's the possibility of falling that makes you feel al

I've been tirelessly pondering existence from various toilet views for over 2 years.. Here's

I've had a "nervous stomach" for about as long as I can remember, say 6 or 7 years old at least. I use to leave school sometimes up through middle school with excruciating sharp pains that never got an explanation from a school nurse, and my household wasn't under the luxury of "run to the doctor" insurance. The pains went away as I got older, but something clicked inside of me when I was 22 years old. I was in the Navy then, my last year, 2008. I had just gotten a DUI in February right after signing a divorce decree in December of 2007. My nerves and anxiety were going through a lot. It was summer, and I was living in a studio apartment on 14th Ave North and 3rd Street in Jacksonville Bea

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