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"It was all a dream!" I grew up on the death of gangster rap, rock and roll suicide heros,

At age 17 I can't say exactly where I got the idea about going to New York and being a bike-riding writer, but it had to have been TV. The Ninja Turtles maybe? I grew up all through the 90's, so tv and movies was our outside world in a small town. Part of this New York idea was that I'd be dodging car doors as I cruised down busy streets and would inevitably catch a few along the way. I grew up in a town of now 6001 (I know, the 1 is comical to me, too), and riding bikes there, which I did all through my youth, just didn't present the same kind of obstacles. There was a mystique that drew me to this New York idea though. That was what I thought I wanted to do. Well that was just an idea. I

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