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I think we all just need a little TLC.. In the words of Jerry Springer, "Take care of yourselves, and each other." #MDP #tlc #kc #his #hers #jerryspringer #classic #tender #love #care

Trump just became the President of our media and consumption-driven country, and no one trusts their

The hardest part about committing to blogging is getting started.. It seemed like the first post would be the hardest. What will be my first words? "This is an introduction to my mind," you're telling yourself before you type. You finally get one off... Once I was typing, it went smooth. I was satisfied. It felt good to get my thoughts off, and to click "submit post." Social media responded.. they were glad, it seemed, and for what social media is worth. All in all, it was worth about 100 website hits, my personal satisfaction, and the key to the door of blog post #2... What the hell do I write about now? There's something in the air, that's for sure.. Here in Kansas City the temperat

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