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i <3 KC

It's a goal of mine to accumulate night shots of the different cities I travel to. I've practiced plenty on Kansas City, this shot here being one wanted to get for a long time.. I finally made the time one night and got the shot. Good enough for me.. Follow me around as I add to the portfolio.

Matt is such a simple name, short for Matthew. I've come to understand it as powerful, though..

I had to finally break down and taste the blog life.. I'm an artist of a few different flavors. I've been writing since I was young; stories first, poetry next. I liked colors, and construction, cooking and reading. I use to have great handwriting. Now I prefer a keyboard for most writing endeavors. I created a bit of an arts career when moving to Kansas City on 1.7.2009. It started with poetry. It wasn't long before had I bought a new camera. I'd been dabbling in photography since my 6th grade birthday. That's when I used some money I got at a birthday party at the "old Royal Inn" to go next door to Dollar General and buy a disposable camera. I used it to take pictures of my friends. I re

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