I never give up because I know I'll get better. Is that Faith?

I've probably said it before, but I'll say it again. Anyone that knows me knows well that I can be repetitious sometimes. I never considered the responsibility of updating a blog often, to be writing here more than Facebook where I get most of my digital traffic, and never could I have imagined the twists and turns of life that came after branding Spiked Tea. Oh, and hello again 2020 you little rascal.

I'm here.. of course many of you know that too, because I'm not too hard to plug in with online. With a focus on capital and launching a new business in Nairobi (follow Diamond Select), I don't have as much time to give for producing art and my tour content. However, that just means I'm taking my time. I know I'll find a groove between all my moves. I'll find a time and place in life where I'll groove so well that I'll write a book. I've been working late nights in the background on the content from #maishaflamingotour and I'm getting to a publishing point. You've seen many of the photos already across social media. Soon I'll drop a photo reel here, and the full length video BONUS reel I've shared just now. One thing can I say about African life and about life in Kenya. When I think of it, when I produce the imagery, when I re-count the memories.. it makes me smile a mile wide, and I miss the food like fat kids love cake. Nakumiss! I'll be home soon. @mattdiamondflix