Where do we hide when our favorite shadows fade away?

I found the following in my 2019 drafts and it still rings true. I added some current lines.

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I've never seen so many ways to destroy the character of a person, to insist a person is something they are not. What's ironic is how many of our fellow citizens are just the same as what they describe, it's like the nation is yelling at a mirror as our media dictates the mind, there's little balance here. We're a small ship in high seas taking on water and everyone needs their bucket in hand, no excuses. For me, I'm ready to go man overboard and swim to calmer waters.

I'm not pro any political party, and I believe the institution is rotten to the core. It's insanity that people think we're gonna be good to go once he is out of office, and that Obama (and Biden) made anything any better - you've been duped and he was just another killer too. We don't question his drone murders because it wasn't our people.. our American bigotry easily excuses the death of Africans and Middle Easterners because we refuse to understand them beyond mainstream media depiction.

Trump.. he hasn't created the climate.. it was already here, and his flagrant idiocracy has exposed it - it's his best ability, his unapologetic honesty and antagonizing the worst out of people on both sides of the fence. He says things I've heard many say.. white and black. I'd rather my enemy expose himself than pretend to be a friend. People have become so comfortable w their own idiocracy, it's incredible.

We're always voting "for the lesser of two evils" each four years, and what is that telling you about the land you kinda sorta fight for? Have you not smelled the tea yet, after all these decades and some centuries? This is who America is. We kill in the name of freedom and sell our souls to name brands.. with bombs overseas and chemicals all over our domestic food seeds. Police once hunted down slaves and freed ones, and they

continue to brutalize us modern ones via brute force or court systems. We eat canned vegetables, canned fruits, and frozen foods, yet have the nerve to be the "1st world" and the "greatest country on Earth." As a culture, we've adopted a mentality of elitism that mirrors the tones taught to us in our schools about the country itself. We're either too good or too lazy to even grow our own food in our empty back yards.

We don't mind the source of our monies from corporate profiteering as long as the money is green. We walk for cancer drug money and wear our free t shirt with ignorant pride while our loved ones die from toxic medicine as we take pats on the back for "walking for a cure." We shout online for Latinos we never met but only reach out to our own ppl in times of natural disaster.

Our conservative Christians revel in African poverty stories, flying around the globe for a few days in the ghetto and a couple days awe-ing over local animals, while insisting that black American issues "start at home. "Our own" doesn't mean blood family.. we prefer to ignore them because we thrive on the essence of competition and faux power instead, and favors - don't forget favors. We chastise social "elites" then go dine in their restaurants in their red-lined districts, maybe even paying taxes to move into their neighborhoods.

I was born with little and have lost all I had more than once. I think you gotta lose it all to see through the smoke. Here I thought everyone was moving to Canada if the wrong person got elected, yet here we all are, no matter the casualties in this brand of warfare we all find our selves suffering from in one way or another. We love it way more than we wanna leave it, like a woman with an abusive husband. I'm a talker so I get it... people like to go yip yip yip, or they just hide in the shadows of family, religion, pharmaceuticals and a buffet of other vices like God doesn't know you are cowering. Of course I sound crazy... I'm here. I'm only completely crazy if I never shake the spot. It'll be a process, but I'm working on my boycott. #spikedtea #americandaze #boycott ☕️ www.m-w.com: in·​san·​i·​ty | \ in-ˈsa-nə-tē \plural insanities

Definition of insanity

1: a severely disordered state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder

2: unsoundness of mind or lack of the ability to understand that prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status, or transaction or that releases one from criminal or civil responsibility

3a: extreme folly or unreasonableness

//the insanity of violence

//His comments were pure insanity.

b: something utterly foolish or unreasonablethe

//insanities of modern life

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