Where do we hide when our favorite shadows fade away?

I found the following in my 2019 drafts and it still rings true. I added some current lines.

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I've never seen so many ways to destroy the character of a person, to insist a person is something they are not. What's ironic is how many of our fellow citizens are just the same as what they describe, it's like the nation is yelling at a mirror as our media dictates the mind, there's little balance here. We're a small ship in high seas taking on water and everyone needs their bucket in hand, no excuses. For me, I'm ready to go man overboard and swim to calmer waters.

I'm not pro any political party, and I believe the institution is rotten to the core. It's insanity that people think we're gonna be good to go once he is out of office, and that Obama (and Biden) made anything any better - you've been duped and he was just another killer too. We don't question his drone murders because it wasn't our people.. our American bigotry easily excuses the death of Africans and Middle Easterners because we refuse to understand them beyond mainstream media depiction.