The stars will give you peace you can never find in the streets

I grew up in a small rural town.. the highest street number went to 28th. Even so, to other people around me I was considered a "city kid" based on my proximity to local stores, neighbors, riding my bike around town, having my own paper route at age 12, listening to loud music, not knowing farm life... and one thing I remember most, not knowing the serene solitude of peace and quiet.

Even in the small town, at night you could often hear the barking of neighborhood dogs, a siren from time to time, and the swoosh of cars passing down the nearest main road or highway. When I would visit anywhere in the country.. the sound of the wind and its invisible appearance manifesting over the tops of the weeds, wheat, corn, and grass was eerily depressing and lonely to me. Regardless of the emotions it evoked, the stars always seduced me, and they were seen better in the country than in town or any city.

At some point in my mind, life experiences, and solo travel across a lot of the US, I've learned to appreciate and embrace my solitude. The depression that once accompanied it I now receive as peace and a friendly reminder. It reminds me of my humanity, that nothing or anyone is mine to have and to hold forever. It's a reminder that it's just me and the creator in the end, and even in each moment.

To think.. in the baptist churches I attended as a kid, they would say these stars and astrology were of the devil, an observation only useful in witchcraft. If I am.. If God is the creator of it all, how could these stars be wrong, and how have they been used to chart the journey of time since before the days when knowledge never knew a book? When Africa was Africa without all the borrowed knowledge? We know the moon creates the ocean tides.. it pushes and pulls, for the lows and highs. Our human bodies are up to 75% water.. imagine the pushing and pulling happening to us each day and night by the moon and the stars.

There's something special about this connection.. how nature and calm affects our body, mind, and spirit.. the peace, the quiet, and the fact we can catch these views from anywhere we may be in the world. As far as creativity goes, I've always vibrated higher at night time.

These are the stars, the connectors, the calm lights over Malindi, Kenya. #spikedtea #quiet #peace #hakunashida🍃☕️💎🌍✨

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