I'd rather dig for that wealth numbers can't count.

Back in 2002 I was a high school junior. I decided to run for student council vice president against the superintendent's country club daughter, me just a neighborhood kid with a $200 Cavalier, pack of cigarettes, an obnoxious sense of humor, crooked tooth, a marginalized voice, and a truancy habit. I just did it to prove to my haters that I could. We weren't allowed to throw candy at the speech rally so my buddies and I wrote a campaign slogan on a bunch of bananas and handed them out to every.single.person that walked into the gym, staff included. I casually ate 5 bananas throughout the speeches, plus one during my speech recital. I even staged black suited security and the removal of an audience member in mid speech. Needless to say, I won the election, my opponent cried, and I never attended a single student council meeting my senior year because I was busy being a grocery worker and new step-dad. I just said all that because I'm extra and to say that I'm no stranger to a poli-trick.. and if I was ever to run for office I'll take some of my campaign and office meetings in outfits like this - just like that day. I talk of running for office jokingly, although it's been suggested more than once in life I should consider it. I shudder at the idea of being suctioned into faux polite political function culture. It seems to be the theme of my life to be against the grain. It's not that I enjoy the opposition, but I've always asked "why?" regarding anything around me that's a social norm, or in regards to how something works - or why it doesn't work? Why do I stop smoking cigarettes and cut way down on high fructose corn syrup dietary options, yet remain sick to my stomach and underweight? I wrote a piece about a year and a half ago about my stomach ailment, asking so many why's from the porcelain throne that for over three years was my second home, wherever I may have been living or roaming. Why do I feel this urge to roam, while I love the feeling of a well kept and inviting home? Well, the best part is in finding the new ideas, discovery and adoption of old ideas, the hows, and remedies to the solutions. As I age I think less of who may think ill of me, who's wishing for my silence or failures, and who I have to prove what to. I focus on what and who I love, and who loves me. It took turning into my 30's - now 33 - while sick to finally start doing for myself first, so that I could even consider fulfilling my desire to do so much for others. I'm writing to tell you that it's working, me continuing to show myself what I'm capable of - in knowing that the radiation of my light will inevitably be shown to others.