If you really want your own patch of grass you may have to sow the seeds.

The irony of my last piece as it meets my current situations I'm tending to months later is astounding. I know bloggers are typically wanting to write all the time, having an opinion and story for everything going on in their world, but at the rate I've been living it's been hard to sit and write even when I have time. When my body stops moving, my head still seems to spin. I'm saying this in the most positive way possible, as my hands keep collecting blessings the more I've let go of everything I no longer need to carry. This theme is carrying me into the new year as I have my 10 year Kansas City anniversary while I plan for my departure from the Midwest for more sun and greater travel. That's not a knock on Kansas City either - it's just that my growth here is ready to go and take bloom.

I returned from Kenya just 2 months ago, literally on the other side of the world, and a whole other world as we know it here stateside. I can't see anything the same. I'm not gonna use this piece to breakdown the journey, as I'll have an official #pinkflamingotour piece coming next month.

I will say, however, that it changed my life, health, and heart just as I suspected it would. Let me say very loudly, that Kenya also gained me 20 pounds! I feel completely alive again.

For years I've always told people that I haven't changed, that I'm still the same person. True, I completely haven't forgotten where I came from, I'm still humble and love to laugh. My hustle is still strong and I still dream big. It's in living these dreams that I have found in myself a different person. A lot of this evolution has occurred just since the birth of the #spikedtea blog 2 years ago next month.

This blog was intended to tie together the rhyme and reason behind the photography, film, poetry, music, and art I had been doing for 8 years at the time. Sure, the blog is doing that, however the tone and topic for narration I first saw myself doing here has flipped.