We'll start summer with a creative update.. a little of this, n some of that.

So I'm thinking of creating a gallery called #soMFNkc ... a photo collection of iconic strip photos like this'n here..

Anyways.. anytime I snap an image, write a verse, glue more pieces on a collage, or complete another blog entry it feeds my spirit a lot. And I often wonder if I had been dealt a healthier set of cards as a kid, as a divorcee, and now as a 30 sum'n yr old - would I have ever found art the same, or if art was bound to find me? I really feel like if I didn't have my creative mind I wouldn't have much at all. It's my favorite void filler... it gets me higher than trees, stays with me longer than a woman, and always reminds me that I got something worth giving. I've never been near perfect at anything I do, but I'm not too shabby at capturing an essence and staying creatively present. As far as music goes... one day I might actually put together a complete music project, mixed and mastered. Until then it's blurbs like this..

Hear me out on the independent hustle, plug politics, and r.e.s.p.e.c.t.

Photo time out.

And I'm slowly getting back into the video commercial blurbs.. and I'd really like to get back to model reels before the year is up..