Thru every,thing, everything.. I recommend working in some creative time outs..

Creatively speaking.. the last couple years have been a serious whirlwind, ever since I've mounted this up and down Crohn's comeback. I may have mentioned before - unsure - but I essentially took down my general For Hire social media tone and started saying "no thanks" to a lot of inquiries. I've been forced to focus on my body, which has affected my mind, and changed my focus in a lot of directions. I have a last name now, too... a teenage son, also... a whole broader vision, and more life in me to live it.Like, it's time to start putting my energy on my own artistic goals, not business goals within the arts. Since then I've been stackin' delivery money and traveling every chance I can afford, whether if I'm rolling out on savings or for word on the road, usually a bit of both.

Colorado and NYC were the highlights of my recent travel, both a really nice step out of Kansas City. I've got a history with Colorado, but this last time was different, getting funding from a non-profit in exchange for some campaigning, I was able to use my free time at my own will. You gotta dig that...

New York was a warm up for a bigger, more nerve-trying experience. It didn't seem right continuing on in my creative and travel endeavors without setting my feet down in what was once a place in a dream.. I suppose I had to go so I knew it was real, and how it felt. And the hip hop vibes.. It's all about the vibrations..

I'll be back, but on to the next first. Until then you can follow me on IG and FB @MattDiamondPhotography for #NYweekly posts that I'm running for 26 weeks throughout 2018! Follow, follow, follow...

I'm not saying what the next is yet... Let me book my ticket and confirm a few details first. In the meantime I'm looking forward to a grind time spring and summer in preparation with a with quick trips along the way. Mostly Midwest, but I wouldn't be opposed to a flight to LA or Vegas? What are your plans for the sunny months?

Hit the comments below... Tell me what YOU'RE up to! That's a you're, not a your....

Photo credit: Bob Ross Inc.

To get inspired, or to be inspired? That's the question, and the difference.

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