There's a few differences between life on the street, the avenue, and the boulevard.

I feel like I'm starting over in so many aspects. Because... I am? Yea, that's probably why I feel that way. In some weird way I feel like a newlywed again, minus a girlfriend or the wife I divorced 10 years ago this December. Which reminds me of the season..

It's fall here in Kansas City, and as much as it's easy to bitch about the cold that comes with the 4 seasons we see, there's something about the changing colors of fall that's cathartic in itself. It's football games on Friday nights when the high school kids seemed like real adults. It's this magic-seeming, colorful, visual representation of letting old memories go, clinging to hang on to others that you may finally shed another season, and the promise of new growth and beauty in spring after a season of seeking warm places. It definitely may bring on the nostalgia of a kinda cold evening in ’98 with a snotty nose riding across town on my bicycle after an evening of smoking short cigarettes and listening to Tupac with my homie Dylan (RIP), rarely dressed quite right for the occasion and coming in after the street lights were on for a while. Those were the most fragile of my years, so to look back and reminisce it's bittersweet knowing that you weren't always sure if you were going to make it out of another year. Refer back to my NYC entry to know why I say "thank God for hip hop."

Fast forward roughly 20 years.. I'll be 32 in December, and my son will officially be a teenager. I visit him and my parents "back home" often. The other day he walked out to the car in a new Tupac shirt he got at Spencer's, one of my favorite stores at that age. Life is a fuckin' trip...