Summer vibes at night time with little light and a touch of humidity.. Now there's a chill in th


One... I wanna embrace my time with my model muses in a 30+ year old way.. My biggest viewing audience has been females 25-34 anyway.. And times have changed, even in the last 3 to 5 years with what's "socially acceptable" about how a woman presents herself. Two, on a creative process note... These night time shots are challenging, particularly not using any fancy extra equipment.. Just a little streetlight and tweaking settings. I've made some decent money and a lot of branding moves over the years with the aspiring model and entertainment world. With that came a lot of fashion, which was never really a concern of mine, not at all, really. While I like to clean up and be fresh, I'm simple and mostly discreet with my style and presentation. So really, all along I wanted to be shooting freestyle editorial moments, which I worked into my shoots enough and I think gave me a lot of "style" points along the way.. pun intended. Fashion is seasonal, and I wanna create images that stick with you, like good music or great food. I think my work has always been meant for the grown crowd primarily, but the younger ones still look on.. A lot of the younger ones have been the clients and muses. So this was a fun shoot.. getting outside on a summer night shooting in low light.. something I had wanted to play with for a while. I think it tells a bit of story, while it leaves some of that lovely mystery at the same time.. Let me know if you like it and hit that little love button to the right of those lovely share buttons.