Trump just became the President of our media and consumption-driven country, and no one trusts their

The hardest part about committing to blogging is getting started.. It seemed like the first post would be the hardest. What will be my first words? "This is an introduction to my mind," you're telling yourself before you type. You finally get one off... Once I was typing, it went smooth. I was satisfied. It felt good to get my thoughts off, and to click "submit post." Social media responded.. they were glad, it seemed, and for what social media is worth. All in all, it was worth about 100 website hits, my personal satisfaction, and the key to the door of blog post #2... What the hell do I write about now? There's something in the air, that's for sure.. Here in Kansas City the temperatures are abnormally high for the season, leaving us with frequent foggy evenings and nights. Everyone is in and out of sickness, Mercury went through retrograde recently, I believe in the conspiracy claim of "chemtrails" (photo below on 2.7.2017), Trump just became the President of our media and consumption-driven country, and no one trusts their best friend, let-alone the neighbor. That's our current American climate, in essence.

Photo by Kaila-Kareemah Nelson

Maybe a few people still trust the mailman, I don't even know. Our mailman at the studio always has earbuds in when he comes by and doesn't speak unless spoken to. There for a minute it looked like I was gonna talk about the weather. I can't stand when people use that as their opener.. then again, that sounds dramatic. It's just it's so common to say when there's nothing to say. There's so much to talk about... As I'm typing I'm doing it freely, not sure which direction to go, but maybe that's the point. I'm approaching this blog entry like the average person now-a-days. No one seems to know.. As a photographer I've worked with so many people who didn't know which way to go. They always had a certain hunch, hunch enough, to know that they needed a photographer. But, now what? What do I wear? When and where should we shoot? Why am I really doing this? What do I want from this photo, or this photo experience? What do I want from life? I suppose now we're talking about pictures. There's "a bigger picture" we keep hearing about. I think it's the same thing as "the big idea," or our "rhyme and reason," or as pop culture is throwing around now, "our why?" this is our motivation.. what drives us. It's what makes us wake up in the morning, rather than curse the day before it started and a mentality of "my tea's gone cold I wonder why.." (Dido/Eminem reference). It's what compels our hands to work, and our minds to understand. Motivation is a mf.. (feeling like Samuel L. Jackson) Why speak when there is nothing to say? Or, why why speak when your words are untrue? The former may be uncomfortable with the silence. The latter, may be to try convincing themselves. We've all done both. Communication and motivation.. those are going to be major themes of my commentary. I've learned many of my greatest lessons through each of those mediums. We're all looking for something.. it's elusive. It takes time to identify it, name it, compartmentalize it, pursue it, and the biggest trick.. is achieving. You know, it may change, too. We change, evolve, as part of our human experience. Our small ideas becomes big ones. Our old ideas become newer ones. Things change. I suggest thinking less of the trophy, and more of the race. The race is a solo act, and we are each our own character. Give yourself time and place to experience, reflect, and grow, in that order for starters. I don't like where we are as a country, society, etc.. Although, I still have faith in myself and witness reasons in other people reasons to stay faithful often enough to keep my glass half full. Please believe though.. we're going to spill some water along the way. It's a long, rough race. Make sure you keep enough water for tea, at the least. And now.. I'm in a similar place as my many former clients who weren't sure where to go, us ultimately just crossing paths along our life's roads. I don't want to spill, overload, or "do too much" early on.. I'm just easing my way in. If nothing else, by now you should at least be able to smell the tea I'm brewing up.

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