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I found the following in my 2019 drafts and it still rings true. I added some current lines.

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I think Trump is an idiot and an embarrassment.. What's worse is how many of our fellow citizens are just the same, whether on his side or...


I grew up in a small rural town.. the highest street number went to 28th. Even so, to other people around me I was considered a "city kid" based on my proximity to local stores, neighbors, riding my bike around town, having my own paper route at age 12, listening to lo...


I'm recently talking to a new friend of some friends, a Kenyan farmer who attended college in a rural part of my home state in America, on this other side of the world where most things move differently. Some of her friends here and there thinking she is crazy to go ba...


Back in 2002 I was a high school junior. I decided to run for student council vice president against the superintendent's country club daughter, me just a neighborhood kid with a $200 Cavalier, pack of cigarettes, an obnoxious sense of humor, crooked tooth, a marginali...


I come from a place where our flamingos are made of plastic, painted pink, sold mostly in 2 packs for $20, and used to decorate yards and the occasional garden. It's a processed flamingo, created in a factory - some standing upright and some leaning forward in a feedin...


The irony of my last piece as it meets my current situations I'm tending to months later is astounding. I know bloggers are typically wanting to write all the time, having an opinion and story for everything going on in their world, but at the rate I've been living it'...


Letting go of this, and letting go of that. Emotions that justify pride, fantasies that serve ego, amenities for comfort and pandering to the pleasure of the status quo. There's so much to let go of to shake that thing, that pesky thing that on one hand, is carrying a...


My summer plans were simple, really. I had a busy first quarter of the year, mostly in the 2 week venture of sanding every square inch of the car you see in the photos here. Putting the Saab together in my uncle's Oklahoma body shop was like a rite of passage that I ea...


So I'm thinking of creating a gallery called #soMFNkc ... a photo collection of iconic strip photos like this'n here..

Anyways.. anytime I snap an image, write a verse, glue more pieces on a collage, or complete another blog entry it feeds my spirit a lot. And I of...


I guess that's me in 29 years... I plan on making it there and then some. It's like I'm looking at my future self, grinning back on my journey - the mental and spiritual strength it's taken to see it through. I think a lot of the hardest parts are over and I'm really c...

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The stars will give you peace you can never find in the streets

November 20, 2019

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